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GALLERY: Zara Private Eye. "Caught Undercover. Page5
June 9th, 2008

Featuring: Photo Comicbook Adventures

Pictures: 13

Description: The adventure continues as Zara prepares to break into the study to find clues.

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VIDEO: Jasmine's Bondage chalenge
June 7th, 2008

Featuring: Jasmine

Description: Jasmine decided to challenge me to a duel of struggling against ropework! she squeezed into a skin-tight shiny catsuit & prepared herself for the tightest bondage I could muster!

Length: 00:32:28

Filesize: 479MB

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GALLERY: Michelle Thorne, black pvc catsuit tied & ...
June 5th, 2008

Featuring: Michelle Thorne

Pictures: 28

Description: Michelle Thorne, one of the UK's top glamour models has never been seen in bondage before. I first met Michelle, briefly at the Erotica show in London around 6 years ago & recognised her immediately. Since that day I have always wanted to get her in the ropes but she's been such a busy girl that it's never been possible. She was also a difficult girl to track down. Fially I got a break when Bev Cocks mentioned she had worked with her. I asked her if she'd get ther to call me & right there & then she called her up on her mobile. We talked & exchanged numbers. The rest is history. I've several great galleries & movies of Michelle & will be adding them over the coming months. Enjoy!

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GALLERY: Rashir in Red & Black bondage dress hogtie...
June 5th, 2008

Featuring: Rashir

Pictures: 22

Description: Our new star, Rashir finds herself in a bind again on this, her second shoot. I soon learned that she was a girl who loves to be tied but she's also a girl who loves to try & get free. Annoying when you're trying to film a model in bondage who has a knack of getting free. As a result, my ropework's getting tighter everytime we meet up! I'll be adding the movie of this shoot soon so keep a look out for it in the members area. It begins with lots of giggling as usual from this great moderl but they soon change to grunts of frustration as she realises shes been beaten by the ropes!!

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GALLERY: Fun Stuff 1
June 3rd, 2008

Featuring: Fun Stuff, novelty cards & artwork

Pictures: 10

Description: A few samples of artwork I produced for novelty items such as greetings cards, mousemats, mugs & lifesize prints. If you're interested in purchasing any of these images on the mentioned items, drop me a mail.

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GALLERY: Angel Chairtied & frogtied in PVC Catsuit
June 3rd, 2008


Pictures: 43

Description: Probably one of the best models ever at Inxesse, Angel proved to be everything a bondage website needs; natural beauty in every way & above all a genuine love of being tied up. The first time I ever tied this wonderful girl up was way back in 1998. She was one of the very first models ever to work with me on my first site (I'll post up some of her very first images over the coming weeks) On her very first shoot she proved she was going to be a star. I had her in a strict hogtie on my livingroom floor,she'd actually requested this type of tie after seeing some of my sample pictures before the shoot. She also proved to be able to touch her elbows behind her back which was an added bonus. Dressed in a pvc catsuit, simular to the one in this gallery, I tied her wrists off to her crotch rope, laid her face down & picked up my camera. Within seconds she was humping the crotchrope & within minutes she was having her very own, not so private orgasm!! not wishing to scare her off, I waited in the kitchen with a coffee while she "finished" herself off!! When she'd stopped giggling & quivering she actually apologised for her behaviour! I know for a fact that there will be people out there reading this & thinking "what a load of bullshit, that never happened". To be honest, it doesn't really matter to me, I know it happened & that's all that matters. Over the years I've met some wonderful models, some way better than others but the biggest lesson I've learned from Angel is this; the best bondage models are not the glamourgirls after an easy buck, there's plenty of them around & however beautiful they are, if they don't enjoy bondage, look bored & however stunning they are, however wonderful the lighting & sets are, the results look false. This site promises to bring you some wonderful new, bondage-loving models guarenteed. At this point, you're probably wondering what Michelle Thorne's doing here. Trust me, Michele maybe a glamour model but I can assure you, she loves her bondage as much as Angel!!

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GALLERY: Holly Beau chairbound secretary in satin
June 2nd, 2008

Featuring: Holly Beau

Pictures: 15

Description: Holly Beau always looks great as a smartly dressed business girl, not surprising as that's her dayjob! I should think she turns a lot of heads in her office!

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GALLERY: Zara Private Eye. "Caught Undercover. Page4
June 1st, 2008

Featuring: Photo Comicbook Adventures

Pictures: 9

Description: More fun & games with Zara Private Eye as she walks in to the trap!!!

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VIDEO: Yuffie Post tied in skin-tight black eveni...
May 31st, 2008

Featuring: Yuffie

Description: Meet Yuffie. She's the latest recruit at Dave Simpson Bondage. Busty, beautiful & she loves to be tied! This is the first time she's ever modelled & there's a very good reason; this shoot was taken on her 18th Birthday! there's no stopping her now, she'll be back for some more bondage fun very soon.

Length: 00:10:26

Filesize: 140MB

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VIDEO: Rashir, Hogtied in Skin-tight orange Spand...
May 31st, 2008

Featuring: Rashir

Description: Rashir returns, this time in the tightest,shiniest Spandex Disco Jeans. She proved she was up for a challenge & this time I was determined to keep her in the ropes! Her giggles soon turn to grunts & whimpers as she realises she's not going to escape, however hard she struggles

Length: 00:07:30

Filesize: 110MB